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Made exclusively for the professionals! This is the finest constructed verison of this phenomenal utility box we have seen. It has an additional feature we can’t elborate on in the ad copy, but suffice it to say, it’s been very well tought out from start to finish. European Quality.

Sample Effect: The performer hands a number of small blank pieces of paper out to a member of the audience, with some pencils. A small black box is brought out and is sat on the front of the stage or on a table in full view. (Of course, this box can be held up and shown) This chosen member of the audience is asked to randomly hand out the slips of papers to different members of the audience at random. The members are instructed to write a number, or city, a name etc..on the slip of paper and fold it into fours, (show them an example) so the writings cannot be seen and then the member is to collect all of them and places the strips of paper into the slot on top of the box. And returns to his seat. (You can use golf pencils for the spectators.)

Next the mentalist picks up the box and removes the lid of the box and sets it on the table and walks over to a random spectaor (any spectator) and asks him or her to freely select only “one” of the papers from the box. Next this person unfolds the slip of paper and reads out loud what is written on the paper….(Name, number city, etc.etc.) NEXT the performer directs the audience’s attention to an envelope that has been sitting on the table since before the performance began. The performer picks up the envelope and opens it, keeping it in full view of the audience where it is opened and pulls out a single piece of paper, opens and calls out what is exactly what is written on the paper!

Viola……a mind reading ESP experiment has come to a successful conclusion! This is a phenomenal product worth it’s weight. It’s exceptionally well constructed. Top Quality allt the way from Harold Voit – Germany.

Dimensions:  8 1/4″ Long x 6 1/2″ Wied x 3 1/2″ Tall

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