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Magic That Fits In Your Pocket!

COINSPIRE is the world’s first binary magic coin set. A set of 2 high quality copper coins. Each measuring about 1.25 inches in diameter. Based on the classic age cards principle but with a special secret twist. A spectator makes a free choice from any list of over 30 different choices. There is no force and it is a free and fair choice. Using the classic method in combination with the secret twist, the performer easily divines the spectator’s thought of choice.

Nothing is written down. There are no sleights and the methods are self working but easy to learn and perform. With just this set of 2 coins in your pocket, you are always ready to perform a wide variety of miracles.
Included is a  of 10 routines as below.

1. Celebrity Divination
2. Dream Holiday Divination
3. Living and Dead Test
4. Birth date divination
5. Birth month divination
6. Zodiac Sign Divination
7. Day for Any Date Test
8. Card At any number
9. Newspaper Headline divination
10. Superhero Divination

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