Birthday Card Surprise


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Product Description

A modern update to the Temple Screen!  Postpaid in the US!

An oldie made again! A different Twist on the Buddha Production.  Can’t be beat for a Excellent Impact for Birthday Parties.

EFFECT: Performer shows a three paneled screen with each panel depicting colorful screened artwork.

Moving the panels around to show all sides…empty…the performer closes the triangles and Viola, a nice production of whatever you decide can be passed out to the birthday child or to all of the children. Balloons, candy, gum….you pick the items!

IF you do perform for children…this is a MUST have.

The panels each show a present on one side and cake on the other and are then folded into a triangle and items are then produced from inside the triangle.

The panels are shown to be un-gimmicked again and as a kicker, one of the panels changes to say “Happy Birthday!” on it.

Features a large load area and brightly colored panels!


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