Birthday Suit by Dan Harlan – Schostag Estate


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In 1994 Anthony Owen and Paul Andrews created The Birthday Deck and released it as a limited dealer item 1995. Dan Harlen independently re-invented basically the same effect c. 2000.

Effect: You can be magical and astrological with this ingenious effect! Offer an audience member a brief astrological reading, showing that a deck of cards can be used as a calendar. Four suits – four seasons; Thirteen cards in each suit – thirteen phases of the moon in one year; fifty two cards in the deck – fifty two weeks in a year.

During the reading you begin to show the prediction cards that you were compelled to pick before the show, and explain their purpose in the astrological procedure. Then, for the finale, you show that your prediction cards match the spectator’s birthdate! A product of FUN Incorporated.

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin –

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