Black Tie by Kenton Knepper


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Finally a modern thumb tie, with the distinctive Kenton touch.

Plastic cable ties (the type police use to subdue criminals)are examined. These ungimmicked “plasti-cuffs” are strapped around the performer’s thumbs by a spectator.

NO crossing of thumbs, bending them down or any of the usual stuff. This is as legit in appearance as you can get.

Still, the performer’s tied arms penetrate rings, chairs, poles, people – you name it.

Kenton applies his novel and original concepts to the thumb tie problem and the results are startling. As you would expect, ample psychology and suggestion are examined with fine precision.

Black Tie is for professionals. Kenton gives precise details of his secret methods and psychology. You must be able to create your own routine. Basic texts on magic can supply such routines if you do not know any. Kenton does NOT give complete routines for you to copy.

But all who wish to learn the real inside work of Kenton’s original thumb tie, how to perform it, how to use Kenton’s various options, what to keep in mind as you perform thumb ties… all of this and much more is here.

This is NOT the same old thing. Penetrations can be made visually. Yet you are seen to be bound. Your thumbs are NOT in two loops – but one. Just like real-life police ties.

Even though spectators see your thumbs are being “cut into by the cable” you may instantly release yourself… Even if you have never been able to do any kind of thumb tie before.

Nothing to hide, add or take away. The cables are normal. You need nothing but these cables and Kenton’s secret work.

You receive every nuance as used by Kenton and other famed magical personalities on stage and television, in over 35 pages with clear illustrations.

Includes several practice ties so you may begin right away.

Docc Hilford says: “They’ll remember you for THIS one. It is a real classic and an honest to goodness breakthrough”.

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