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Here is exactly what Bill Montana wrote to me: Hey Mark, here is something I know you will like with your passion for gambling ephemera, but don’t just limit it to gambling. It could be a strategically placed supply for a magician too.

Here is the newly redesigned Blackleg Bug! I showed you a nickel version of this awhile ago but this version is ten times better and easier to use.

There is quite a bit more work and time that goes into making these then you may think. I’ve seen vintage types sell for $60.00 to $150.00 and these old types are not nearly as small or as nice as this new one.

As far as I know collectors of gambling devices and magicians will eat this new item up. Best of all many have never seen a bug before and only a select few have seen one in action thus many will have no idea such a device even exist. This gem is so old and rare it might as well be brand new. In fact this new design is brand new.

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