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It isn’t difficult to perform tricks with cards. Some of the cleverest tricks are really very simple, once you know the secret of how they work. But to impress your audience you need to present the tricks in a convincing fashion. Modern Card Tricks reveals the secrets of how the tricks work…and it teaches you how to achieve the smooth, confident presentation of a professional magician.

You’ll learn about:
• preliminary sleights of hand
• techniques of having audiences members select cards
• methods of locating chosen cards
• unique ways of producing cards after they have been selected and located
• tricks which do not require the usual locations and discoveries
• spelling tricks

The Most Famous Magician of Them All Can Make You a Good Performer of Card Tricks In Less Time than You Ever Imagined.

For many decades the name Harry Blackstone has symbolized magic in the minds of the American public. He was acknowledged as “America’s Number One Magician.” A versatile, white-haired wizard who could perform every type of magic, he astounded and delighted large, enthusiastic audiences all over the world with his magical extravaganzas. Modern Card Tricks offers you the opportunity of learning from this master magician.

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Condition:  Fair to Good – Slip cover has some damages but is till capable of maintaining it purpose. Book is in better condition. Image is of the genuine article being offered. Book is autographed to Ernest Heldman and has had only two owners, Ernest and Joe Stevens. 

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