Block and Silk Transposition – Mel Babcock – Heldman ESTATE


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Bill Trotter Magic

There have been various versions of this beautiful effect but this one features gorgeous inlay and the die.  I love the contrast of the black and white die. It’s Mel Babcock so it’s special.

Effect: A framed box lined with glass on a pedestal contains a silk. The silk is removed and placed into a hat or other container. Due to the frame-like nature of the box, you can see through all sides. Next, a block is placed into the box and a lid is placed on top. The box is covered with a foulard. With a snap of the fingers, the block is now dumped out of the hat. The foulard is removed, and the silk is in the glass-lined box in place of the block.

Note: Coupon Codes not eligible on this item. In some cases, additional shipping will be required post-purchase for insurance and signature delivery confirmation due to the fact there is only one of this offered. Other restrictions may apply.

Condition: Excellent – New Condition – Image is of the genuine article being offered.

Note: Ad Copy used with permission from Andy Martin –

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