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Shawn With Teller

Endorsed by the one and only TELLER, here’s what he had to say: “Hey Shawn, I’m quite BLOWN AWAY by your Block Cord Revisited! I VERY much like that 3 phase routine! Clearly, you’ve worked this prop to PERFECTION!”I noticed the “FUNNEL” you’ve put into the holes. All the audience remembers is “it’s JUST a block and a rope – That’s IMPOSSIBLE! It’s a REALLY rich, powerful trick and FOOLS EVERYBODY!.” Teller

Stevens Magic & Shawn Reida Present… Block Off Cord Revisited. A Golden Oldie From The Past! A block penetrates a rope, simply and beautifully—once or many times. Even in the spectator’s own hands! Each time more amazing than the last! This trick has fooled some of the best minds in magic due to the fact of the very subtle and simple method used to accomplish the trick. You will receive a length of rope with stiff brass end covers – rope color will vary. A hand-crafted, old world-style solid Wooden Block approximately 3 inches in size. (This quality of the block has been off the market for many years.)

Each block and rope is handmade by Benjamin Johnson and Shawn Reida. These are a working performer’s model that is durable and will last a lifetime. Various suggested routines are included as well as Shawn’s 3-phase routine that he perfected over time. We know you will enjoy this classic effect in your show. An impossible penetration.

I’m always on the phone talking with our customers and they ask me often for something unique and good – so we decided to create one of my favorite effects! – Shawn Reida

Additional Images used with permission from Andy Martin at  –

Hi Shawn, I want to thank you for recommending Bock Off Cord Revisited. Great effect and easy to do!!The method is great and I was able to master it with a little practice. I love performing ring and rope magic when strolling and this will fit right in! – Ed Popielarczyk

Brock Gill

Hey Shawn. Love the Block Cord. So fun to perform. Well done my friend. I am excited to take it to the Dominican, Nicaragua, Greece, and Portugal this spring. It’s a perfect “packs small – plays big” effect for publicity, TV Promo’s or the real performance. The quality is exceptional, it’s easy to pack, powerful to perform and can be totally examined. As such it’s the perfect addition – I will put it to good use. Thankful. – Brock Gill -Illusionist

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3 reviews for Block Off Cord Revisited

  1. Edwin C

    Thank you, Shawn Reida & Stevens Magic. At 73 years old, this effect so old it’s new. And this is the BEST new magic I’ve purchased from anybody in at least 10 years. It’s perfect for stage shows, and yet I used it just this weekend at Old Cowtown as a CLOSE-UP effect. Great audience participation. Utterly deceptive. One crochety old guy snarled he was in the Navy and knew knots, and he demanded he get to try to make it work. I handed it over. He fooled around with it for a good five minutes before giving up. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. BrandonKN (verified owner)

    This is a great update to my block-cord I had when I was a kid. It’s a very hefty block and rope so its top quality. The craftmanship of thie work will last a very long time. Highly recommend. B

  3. Jon Wilson (verified owner)

    Just received Block Off Cord Revisited yesterday and find it absolutely entertaining. The wood work is beautiful and the rope that accompanies the trick is perfect. I would have to say that simplicity in a trick are the best works of art. And, Shawn also gives you 3 routines to use for the trick. I highly recommend due to it’s affordability it will stun your audiences.

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