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Stevens Magic is exited to introduce Scott St Clair, with special thanks to Steve Drury, who tipped us to this talented creative underground mentalist.  We thought it was fitting to launch his BloodSucker Book Test during the Halloween season.  While it certainly is not limited to the season, and can be performed any other time – it was the perfect product, and the perfect time to start our partnership.

Hi Mark – As part of PSYCRETS, I obviously come across some great underground talent, and wanted to give you a “head up” about Scott St Clair” – Steve Drury. 

“I believe Scott’s work opens new dimensions for the Mentalist and every serious entertainer. Buy and savor it. 5-stars.” – Marc Salem 


“I’ve been purchasing unique exclusive magic for almost 40 years from Stevens Magic Emporium. I own every volume of The Greater Magic Library and always thought that series was the ultimate secret exclusive weapon. It was Joe Stevens who turned me onto Meir Yedid’s classic great WOW BOOK TEST which I have used for years to fool the big mouth know it alls. I own dozens of of book tests and just received Scott St Clair”s Bloodsucker Book Test and in one word WOW! This is a great book test -stop reading this-and order it NOW!” – Harvey Leeds

BloodSucker The Book: 412 page, paperback produced in pocketbook size for convenient, space saving storage and use. Easy to read text makes it ideal when performing in darker environments or with participants with poor eyesight. Based on the 1914 Book by Bram Stoker, Dracula’s Guest, this edition proports to be the 100th anniversary edition from 2014. The book is FULLY examinable and can even be read, cover to cover,by your audience(if you find yourself with the time!) and they will find nothing!The book also contains a ‘crib’ to help you remember how to use it if you lose the instructions, or don’t have them with you. What you can do: There are four force page ‘sets’ allowing for five possible outcomes.

bloodsucker - Scott St Clair

The main, Blood Sucker, set allows for a drawing to be made of the imagery from a paragraph on a page freely chosen by your participant. Just give them the book (or offer them a choice of 3 – using equivoque) and they do the rest.

  • NO peeks
  • NO gimmicks
  • NO questions
  • NOTHING is written down and you NEVER look at or take back the book!
  • This force can also be used to predict or divine a chosen word. The ‘force’ is unbelievably simple and devious and will fly past everyone!
  • There is NO work for you to do,
  • NO switch,
  • NO memory.

They do it all for you! All this despite the fact that the ‘force’ can result in a different page being selected each time you perform! You don’t need to know the page selected! You can even be in another room (or country). If you choose to describe the imagery, rather than draw it, then BloodSucker can be performed with NOTHING BUT THE BOOK! Also included are two, backup, sets which allow for drawings to be made of the imagery from freely chosen paragraphs. No force method is included but this can easily be done if you have basic skills in forcing. A fifth force ‘set’ (page) is provided, along with a clever force, to allow a very free and interesting divination of a freely chosen word. Five Outcomes –One Book!


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