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Bill Trotter MagicAdditional shipping and insurance may be required (above and beyond) any amount added at check out.  This is due to the size of the unit, weight, declared value and cost of required signature at the time of delivery. 

Silk roses and leaves make this the most realistic bush ever made. Slowly 15 removable roses bloom while the bush sits in an attractive pot. Lots of full, thick green foliage. Roses are removable after being bloomed. Stands about 24” tall and 15” wide (61 cms Tall by 38cm). This is a very limited production effect. It is the first practical and realistic blooming rose bush made since the old P&L models which sell for upwards of $2400. Similar units have been supplied to Landis Smith, Robert Albo, Rich Bloch, David Ben, and Jay Owenhouse.

This effect is beautiful and never fails to impress an audience. This unit Features White and Yellow Rose Blooms.  First the white rose pedals are removed and then magically the busy reblooms another 15 Yellow roses.

Unique Specs: Brass Plate stamped R. HUGHES  11-28-1988 – UNIT #4.  The providence was Hughes to the original purchaser – Derrick Paine Jr., sell date 12/5/1988. Upon his passing it was transferred to a magical confidant who has consigned it to us.  Thus there has only technically been one “OWNER.” 

Condition:  Excellent (New or Like New) While we can’t say that the unit was never used, we can say with certainty that if it was used, it was used very little.  The condition is excellent just as if it was new.  The images featured are of the actual product that is being offered.  So please study the images carefully.

Technical Specifications:  This item was initially reviewed by Bill Trotter for both authenticity and function.  After which he consulted with our Tech1 and Chief resident magician Shawn Reida.  Because of the age it was decided to replace the controlling cord.  Factually, we were able to locate a far superior cord which we have replaced.  This replacement cord is 100 times stronger than the original wiring cord used in the past.  This provides secure assurance the unit will work each time and not be subject to wear and tear as was the case with the original cord.   Other typical maintenance was also applied none of which required any replacement parts.  Think about this, how many companies to go to the trouble to blow out the housing and replace the cord with a superior one.  At Stevens Magic we do all we can to make sure the estate item you purchase is up to snuff.

Storage Case Included: This product comes with the original transport case to keep it safe.  In addition to executing all the quality controls and service requirements we also have packaged the unit perfectly with Fragile Sticker, and a custom cardboard box.  This means the entire product including the case it came with is insulated and protected during transport.

Important Notes: This product is intended for Parlor or Stage performance, it is not designed for close up performance.  The performance video featured for this effect includes a booklet in the routine.  That booklet is NOT included in this sale.  Additionally the video features different colored roses than this unit being offered.  The purpose of the video is to provide you with a sample of possible routine for this product.

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