Body Language and Eye to Eye Special Package – Gauci (With New Ear Gimmicks)


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SHIPS 11/24/2017 – with NEW STYLE Ear Pieces!

Now Featuring New Style Ear Gimmicks!  Limited to 25 Sets! 

It’s a No Brainer! Reserve your special package at this incredible price – while supplies last! Why spend $50.00 on an inferior knock-off when you can get the real deal for the same price – PLUS Charles’ Reputation Makers DVD.

Stevens Magic prides itself on offering the best, and it’s more than just providing better quality products.  The other important 50% is “professional routines” from performers like Charles who vested years honing the skills of presentation.  Nick Lewin’s entire successful line is an testament to this fact.

Charles Gauci Eye To Eye

More to the point, what could be more idiotic, than guessing which ball is in a spectators fist.  The very notion of using this as a routine is sophomoric.  Charles routine alone is worth the price of this special package.

This special package contains:

Deluxe Eye to Eye – Charles reputation making effect (as featured in his A Lifetime of Magic Book).  You must see the video to realize the power of this effect. This unit provides TWO options for performing this incredible routine. In fact, it also comes with a “pair” of capsule gimmicks (and if you already know about this effect you know how long it’s been since these have been available)!  You will also get a DVD showing how to execute the TWO (not one like the knock off provides) methods for execution of this effect – so you can really blow their minds as you switch from one to the other!   Again, emphasis on PROFESSIONAL routines!

Body Language: This is one of one my favorite effects because you can perform it close-up, table-hopping, cabaret or even on the largest stage. It also has great impromptu benefits and resets immediately. Four pearl colored balls and one black ball is placed into a bag. Five spectators in turn reach into the bag and take out one balls each. Nobody knows which color ball they are holding. One by one, the performer eliminates the gold balls and successfully located the person who is holding the black ball. Each spectator holds the bag as they take out a ball. There is no palming. Everything can be examined, balls and bag. The bags are made from quality materials as are the balls too. This is a top professional effect with the essential entertaining patter so often not included in magic effects these days, from a man who has the chops and experience. Again this is so simple but the method is beautifully devious. No Peeking! No Pumping! Just 100% success each time you perform it. Charles Gauci really hit gold when he came up with this. – Roman59

Body Language – comes with a set of five one inch balls plus a beautiful quality bag.
1 x Reputation Makers DVD performance and explanation of six top effects
1 x Eye to Eye Two methods DVD with performance and explanation.  (Featuring new smaller ear gimmicks)

Important Note: The “only” thing that you will require that does “not” come in this package is a PK Ring.  This is for obvious reasons, sizing and the fact that by now, most of you already have one… However, if you do not they are available at Stevens Magic or Stevens Magic Global.

I have purchased literally hundreds of magic effects during my career. Charles Gauci’s “Eye To Eye,” “Body Language” and Bob Solari’s “Ultimate Brainwave Deck” and “Ultimate Assembly” remain my four “best buys” ever. The quality of these effects that these men create, in addition to their routines and customer service, is unparalleled. The “Bang For The Buck” is unmatched. Gabelson

Eye to Eye, Body Language and the Houdini Card Mystery are three of my best effects! The quality is perfect and the possible routines taught by Charles are first class! Ash

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