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“This looks impossible…”  Steve Schieszer’s TEST 2002 is amazing in its simplicity. I am pleased that my book Laughter Legacy became a part of it. Yes, true, it is the basic “tell you what word looked at” plot — but due to variations of handling it, each performer has the opportunity to make it his or her own. You receive not one, two or three but FOUR hardbound books with dust jackets. This looks impossible to the audience, but secretly it’s easy for you the performer. The instructions are detailed, true. However, once you understand the basic handling, all you must do is add your own personality to make TEST 2002 a real winner! Highly recommended by me!” David Ginn, author of Kidshow Magic Kompendium etc.

It is here! The father of all book tests has arrived! Test 20-20 is designed to bring innovation to Book Tests. The intuitive entertainer, upon purchasing and investing time in adapting both the methods and effects, will tailor for Mr. Schieszer’s Test 20-20 to tailor fit their personality and presenting style.

Test 20-20 is a simple, however straight to the point, no nonsense book test. The method is one rarely known mystery. Direct. The routine options, however, have variety, while at the same time giving much choice to the participants. Such an important perception. The Method is so simple to learn yet at the same time invisible to your spectators.  Instructions, layout and consultations for this 20-20 Book Test provided by none other than the newly crowned king of Book Test – Jim Kleefled.

The instructions goes over multiple different routines and every detail that you need to amaze your spectators with ease.  An incredible amount of thought and detail went into the construction of this unique test which includes some amazingly techniques in conjunction with incredible happen-stance.  This book test has been viewed at from a myriad of different approaches and angles that makes it truly unique.

Bonus Value Added – Includes: Danny Creed’s book mark – This is a KEY featured benefit, as Danny’s DISC Personality Profile is a exponentially valuable tool which helps entertainers market their presentations.  This is a concise, professionally printed on heavy card stock gem that will serve you well.  Danny Creed is a professional life and business coach who was a key note speaker at Magic Live.

“In all facets of professional life we find individuals who are uniquely wired such that they are masters of a particular subject or discipline.  Steve Schieszer is one of those individuals that has unique filters or ways of looking at things that are not common to most of us.  Smart companies or organizations aggressively seek such qualified individuals to solve some of their most challenging projects.  

Then there are people like myself, who has a good knowledge of techniques in mentalism solely from being immersed in the art of 40-plus years who lack the skills to be able to create such a multi-facted product but not the ability to admire the genius of them once it comes to light.”  Mark Stevens 

Includes excellent written instructions created by Jim Kleefeld and 5 books.  BookTest 20-20!

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