Boris Wild Marked Deck and DVD Combo


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Magic with a marked deck has never been easier to learn! We have never offered these two outstanding products in a package deal before! Now you can get the enormously popular Boris Wild Marked Deck (printed exclusively by the U.S. Playing Card Company) and our “Miracles With A Marked Deck” DVD together for one great price!

On this DVD, Kirk Charles explores the workings of a marked deck and demonstrates its use in over 12 stunning tricks. You will learn: Instantly memorize the order of the entire deck. Tell the difference between black and red cards (apparently by weight alone!) Analyze a spectator’s handwriting as if you were an expert graphologist.

Determine the name of a spectator’s selected card (before even he knows its identity!). And so much more! In addition to tricks, Kirk discusses the psychology behind working with a marked deck and how to conceal its presence from an audience. As well as the history and background of marked decks and the development of modern marking systems including the Boris Wild Marked Deck. Years of careful study and practice are laid bare on Miracles With A Marked Deck.

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