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Unquestionably one of The most beautiful Botania’s in magic with an impressive 30-blooms in all! If your needing a visually astonishing flash production few effects deliver a stronger impact than vivid feather flowers! We had these commissioned using a modern floral color scheme that simply has no comparison and is chockfull of feathers!

Equally essential was making sure when the cylinder is pulled—the BLOOMS POP! Also the blooms are 360 degrees allowing you to turn it all around maximizing the production.

One of the best benefits of Botanias are they are “quick and easy” to perform. They can be used as an opener, during the act or as a finale. Each unit made by hand. We have a limited number.

Effect: Show the cylinder empty. Place the cylinder on its base and with a quick pull 30 Multicolored Blooms magically appear! Finished Botania stands approx. 3 feet tall.

A magician has more to do besides fooling audiences, their first job is to ENTERTAIN them—and this 30 Bloom Super Botania will do the trick!

Top quality. First come, first served….

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