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Rocky Clements does it AGAIN! His Final Answer remains on of the top selling products at Stevens Magic. Now his latest – Bottled Spirits is sure to give it some competition. It is everything a performer wants! Easy to do, practically self-working. No set up required – thus it’s always ready to go!

  • A self contained one man dancing handkerchief routine.
  • No assistants, no electronics,
  • no reels, no special backdrop needed.
  • Can be performed in a living room without detection.
  • It can interact with the audience, bobbing once for yes and twice for no.

In children’s shows it can dance only when the magician looks away, driving the kids wild. Complete with bottle, silk, tray, and hand painted haunted house. Finally a wonderful stage illusion that is perfect for smaller shows! Can be performed in a school room! Ready to dance anytime! A living room! A school gym!Can bob up and down to answer questions! Can dance only when the magician is not looking! (Drives the kids wild) When routine is finished, it can leap from the bottle into the performers hands! Rocky has created a wonderful illusion from a classic Dancing Handkerchief! Comes complete with everything you need to perform.

Bottled Spirits is a product that is so appealing because its a win-win for both the magician and the audience. In fact, if somoene has seen your show before and you didn’t bring Bottles Spirits with you – watch out – you may have a big problem when they shout – “Where’s the Haunted Bottle” trick! It will definetely make a powerful impression on your audience.

A product this powerful will make the parent who paid for the birthday show know it was money well spent! If you are a performer you know what I mean about being able to provide assurance to the person who booked you (and will hopefully do so again) and entertain the audience too.

Please note: This item can take approx. 15 days under normal conditions for fulfillment.  

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1 review for Bottled Spirits – Rocky Clements

  1. Andy Martin (verified owner)

    What a lovely effect this is. Very well made, easy to do and very convincing. The quality on this item is very impressive. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered it but I’m very pleased I did. Most magicians struggle with th*** work but this is so easy and all the hard stuff is hidden – even from fairly close-up the audience won’t see a thing.

    This item is under-priced and under appreciated. I look forward to performing this in the Porucpine one day soon. Great Job guys!


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