BOWLing with the Stars – Biro (Book)


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The Stars are; Roy Benson, Johnny Thompson, Shigeo Takagi, Albert Goshman, Don Alan and Rezvani. Not to mention your humble correspondent.

This volume contains ideas and routines with the Bowl, from all of the aforementioned. The key element, and one of the foundation routines, is known as the Rezvani Tomato Trick. This has been long out of print and little known. It pre-dated the popular Benson Bowl routine and some think it was the inspiration for Benson. Benson’s handling, from his personal lecture notes is included.

We recently saw Jeff McBride perform the Rezvani routine at Dean Dill’s Shoppe and he really killed with it. There is lots of action and comedy with this routine. Many years ago, Dick Zimmerman fooled the experts at a P.C.A.M. convention with Rezvani’s routine.

Johnny Thompson offered his great routine that features a wonderful way to misdirect for the final load sequence in his handling of the Benson Routine, while Pete Biro details his version using a rubber Plumber’s Helper.

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