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BOX-X is the next generation of The Black Box. It’s smaller, has more features, and newer tech! Imagine this: Before the show audience members are asked to write a personal question on a slip of paper and drop it into the locked box at the front of the stage. The box remains in site of the audience from that point on.

The performer steps on stage and begins his show. When the time comes to answer questions, he brings an audience member on stage, explaining that he does not want to touch the box. The audience member is given the key and instructed to unlock the box, reach inside, remove a question, crumple it up into a ball, and hand it to the performer.

Without looking/peeking in any way, the performer provides an insightful response. He then shows the slip of paper to an audience member and asks that he read the question. The question matches the answer! The person who wrote the question is then named and, from somewhere in the room, she confirms that this was her question!

The performer continues to answer questions for as long as he likes. At times he can simply walk directly up to an audience member, identify them by name, and answer their question! When the routine draws to a close, the performer tells the audience that he would like to try something truly special. Another audience member is brought on stage. The box is turned over and its contents dumped onto a table. The audience member is asked to take a slip of paper and read it to herself. The performer explains that he will attempt to read one person’s thought through another’s mind. The performer begins to respond to a most provocative question, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats as he ends the routine!

This is one example of what you can do with BOX-X! In fact, it’s part of Eric Samuels Q&A routine, which he’s been performing for years, every detail and subtlety of which is included in the accompanying manual.

What is BOX-X?
BOX-X is a system designed to perform Q&A (Question & Answer), considered by many mentalists to be the pinnacle of our craft! With BOX-X, you can read actual audience information and prepare your entire routine, prior to stepping on stage. Not only does this eliminate the need to gather/peek information in the heat of the presentation, it allows you to select only the very best material and deliver it in the most impactful order.

• BOX-X allows the performer to read, in real-time, audience billets that are dropped into the box. The system is designed to be employed prior to the start of your show or during an intermission, so that you can read billet information and take note from backstage/off-stage). This system is designed for the solo performer, so no assistance is ever needed.
• BOX-X is also a self-working switching / forcing device. The moment that the box is unlocked, the entire accessible contents of the box is switched to your force billets!
• BOX-X has a new dump feature. Turn the box over and only your force billets will fall!
• BOX-X is now smaller. At 8” x 9” tall, it will fit into the overhear bin of most commercial aircraft (while inside the included soft-shell carrying case).
• BOX-X incorporates the latest in WiFi hotspot live video monitoring technology. The camera is a fraction of the size of the original, easier to use, and offers more features. The app works with either Android or iOS devices.
• BOX-X will run for 3-hours on a charge – more than double the running time of the original Black Box!
• BOX-X is less expensive than the original BLACK BOX by several hundred dollars (a tablet is not included)

Fulfillment time can vary based on fabrication time and availability but in most cases is executed efficiently based on previous sales and experience with this item.

Here’s some of the feedback to the original BLACK BOX:

“Eric is treading exciting, new ground with this system. It really is something to behold and the professional performer will not need me to tell them about the huge value Eric is offering the community with this release.I cannot recommend this highly enough.” –ᅠLuke Jermay

“Eric Samuels is a charming performer and a calculated thinker. A wonderful combination in itself, but his love of technology adds a whole different perspective to his mentalism. His ‘black box’ (what a name!) offers a truly deceptive approach to Q&A. You’ll be ready to perform your act well before the show, giving you plenty of time to work out what personal information you’d like to reveal about your audience and the order in which you’d like to reveal it in. All this and you never have to leave your dressing room with a clipboard.

I imagine him sitting backstage, with his feet up, fully prepared, laughing like some kind of criminal mastermind before the show … Whilst drinking tea, because he’s charming! Remember I said that?” –ᅠColin McLeod

“In the unfortunate event of an aviation crash, experts attempt to recover THE BLACK BOX. They know it will hold the key secrets to uncovering the Who, What, Where, When & Why. What Eric has accomplished here reminds me very much of those scenarios. THE BLACK BOX holds the secrets to an amazingly clean and hands off Q&.A” –ᅠLooch

“If you’ve ever dreamed of going on stage and reading people’s minds as a real psychic, then the time has finally arrived! THE BLACK BOX is a wonderful tool that will allow you to perform an impossible Q&A Act without going close to the box, yet revealing people’s questions in the cleanest way. I honestly think that Eric has surpassed himself, creating the most advanced piece of gear in mentalism today.” Luca Volpe

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