Brand of Fire – IMPROVED – Combo


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What makes this SPECIAL!  You get the Brand of Fire effect PLUS a package of Flash Cards.  This makes for a much more reasonable and fluid revelation!  Why use regular flash paper when you can use this custom screened flash cards.  Even better again the Flash Paper Card are INCLUDED!

Have you ever imagine a unique revelation of a card? Well, the BRAND of FIRE never fails to surprise. You will receive a special deck, containing 26 cards. After discovering the “wrong card” the magician will make the wright one appear on the deck after setting the paper on fire! Turn your “mistake” into a miracle. Make the chosen card appear using fire! You have to see it in order to believe it! The spectator will always remember this once in a lifetime experience.

Strong points:

  • Unique
  • Ideal for close-up.
  • Easy to do but very strong impacts.
  • Memorable
  • Visual

Not only do you get this wonderful effect you will also receive flash paper cards that will pair perfectly with Brand of Fire.
The Flash paper cards come in King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts.

“Brand of Fire is so much cleaner using Flash paper cards instead of regular flash paper. – Jiro

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