Brooklyn 101 – 2nd Edition Red Back


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Highly Recommended by Stevens Magic!  It’s rare to find something truly unique – but this is it…

“To those who can see, no explanation is necessary. To those who cannot, no explanation is possible.” The Secret is out: our decks are, without a doubt, the greatest marked decks ever made. Seen from an incredible distance with just a quick glance, without ever confusing one card for another- these are a card-workers dream.

Highly Recommended by Stevens Magic! It’s rare to find something truly unique – but this is it. At last………A real gamblers professional marked deck! Oh what a sight to see! But only when you know the secret! Excellent for Gambling lectures! Excellent for magic! This deck will pass the “Riffle test” and can be seen faster and further than any other deck!

After being in the magic business for almost 45 years…we have seen a lot of decks…yes, we have seen decks like 101 Backs, but never factory printed, and at a price like this, witha system as easy as this. Now they are here!

BONUS: VIA DOWNLOAD ONLY – The Marked Deck Puzzle – by creator Jeffrey Kellogg – an 8-Page value added instructional. After purchase look for the link for this in your e-mail confirmation. Only available as a download…. INCREDIBLE DECK, PRICED FOR WORKERS.

The deck is so cleverly marked, that it takes a “trained eye” to see at any distance! (You must train your eyes to see the markings). But once you have trained your eye…”You got it”! This is a deck that a “crooked gambler” would want or already have one like it! A bargain at $12.00 each. Do NOT let the price full you! It is a bargain! Not a toy deck for sure.

BONUS: VIA DOWNLOAD ONLY – The Marked Deck Puzzle – Jeffrey Kellogg – and 8-Page value added instructional.  After purchase look for the link for this in your e-mail confirmation.  Only available as a download….

Controlled, buttery but snappy, with the softest of edges right out of the box: they are a pleasure to handle- and especially faro. The thinnest white lined border ever printed surrounding a vintage diamond pattern, the back design is the most unassuming and minimal possible. Modeled after the very rare “Inverted Jenny” stamp, our tuck box is classic, elegant, and simple. Prized for containing a misprinted upside down plane, the Inverted Jenny shows that sometimes there is great value which others cannot see. The deck includes standard faces, a familiar feeling Ace of Spades, and 2 brand new identical jokers.

“The fewer men, the greater share of honour.” – William Shakespeare

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