Brother John Hamman – The Lost Works

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“Brother John Hamman’s Lost Works” contains six DVDs with over 97 original card effects, both performed and explained by Bro. John Hamman. Over 11 hours of footage. Invaluable to the close-up card magician. Film and video are more concrete and vivid than literature. All documentary images that have been preserved are starkly evidential. What you see is what you get; and if the moving images are of a legendary card-man and creator no longer with us, they take on a majestic aura. They take on a special significance. Their persona is reified. We can see how they looked, talked, emoted, and performed. The 97 effects included in this 6 disc set are:

Disc 1:

The Old Classic
The Knavish Dueces
Revenge on the Pink Panthers
Skipping Jacks
The Axes and the Jaxes
The What and Where Test
The Disobedient Cards
Rook’s Tour
Spectator Outdeals Magician ..Almost
Twisting Revisited
1-2-3-4 Mates
Eight-Ball Queens

Disc 2:

The Homing Card
Flash Poker
The Marx Brothers
The Pinocle Trick
The Twins
The Jacks Come Back
Poker Palm Shift
Hippity-Hop Kings
The Lalapalooza Hand
THe False Witness
Ladies Man
Three Guesses
Kings through the Table
The Multiplying Kings
Do As I Do Aces
The Magic Cards

Disc 3:

Triple Match
My Lucky Day
Magician Matches Spectator
The Adventure of the Spotted Seven
The Invisible Card
Watch Me Like A Hawk
Houdini Escapes
Lie Detector Deck
Liar’s Lie
Transparent Cards
Vanishing Cream
Seeing with the FIngertips
The Signed Card
Triple Cross
The Two-Card Trick
Devilish Miracle Retold
Chinese Shuffle

Disc 4:

Two Shuffles Harry
Up the Down Sleeve
The Pesky Card
Alternative Triplet
Cream Rises to the Top
Universal Card
Out of Print
Flight of Four
Diminishing Card to Dollar
Chameleon Blues
Second Deal
Go Fish
Flip Flop Aces
Phoenix Four
Billy, The Kid

Disc 5:

Seven O’Clock Trick
Computer Deck
Double Take
Lie Detector Case
Thought Card in Case
12345 Peek Thought
Sealed-Room Mystery
Tell-tale Tounge
Peek Look Think
Magic Box
Opposite Pockets
Royal Gambol
Double-Deal Aces
Double Deal Vanish
Runic Nines
Blind Chance
Magician OVer Gambler
Four Pocket Mirror
The Mystic Nine

Disc 6:

Homing Card to Ter-ick-ific
Micro Macro (With gimmick)
Deck in Parvo
Fabulous Expanding Card
Five Kings Royal
Four-tunate Choice
The Amorphous Ace
1234 Ascanio
Wild All the Way
FInal Aces
Thought Cards Across
Also Includes:

The Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S.M.: New and Different Effects With Playing Cards by Paul LePaul

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