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HOT!  FREE!  ACT FAST!  VERY FAST! While Supplies Last!  Get this item for FREE, when you purchase $75 or more of regularly priced product! If you purchase $150 or more, you can also use an applicable and valid SME Coupon and STILL Get this for FREE!  Check our e-mail “Flashes” or your hard copy catalogs to see if there is a valid coupon code! If you’re not getting our e-mail flashes – you should!   Please note: We have only 25 of these units for this special and when they are gone, they are gone, so act quickly!  Limit ONE FREE item per customer order, regardless of amount of purchase above $75. 

Quality Magic from one of the most gifted creatives in the world of Magic – Chance Wolf! We are offering it as a very special, limited edition PROMOTION! First-Come-First-Served! ONLY ONE PER CUSTOMER!

The performer hands the spectator a small dartboard for examination. It is returned and the spectator is handed an INVISIBLE DART! No worries, it has a safety tip! A challenge is made as to who can come closest to hitting a BULLS-EYE! The spectator throws the invisible dart at the board and…BULLS-EYE! A DART VISIBLY APPEARS in the Center! Wait! You have not won yet! The performer takes his Invisible Dart and throws it at the board as ANOTHER DART VISIBLY APPEARS in the Center of the other side!

Custom made Darts with Aluminum Bodies, Magnetic Tips and true Dart Flights! A Visual Stunner and great fun!!

Velvet Drawstring Bag Included

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