BUMA Board Leather Pocket Impression Portfolio With Card In Wallet Feature


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Limited Edition – Item Not Eligible for any discounts, special promotions etc.  Less than 10 units remain as of this update.

When we first introduced the Buma Board in the early 2000’s it became possibly the the number one selling item of all time at Stevens Magic Emporium. And why not – it was easy to use, instantly resettable and featured a large surface. Unlike some previous devices that had a confined “hot spot,” this product allowed the person to write virtually anywhere.  Other producers jumped on the wagon claiming they were the “originators for using this in the world of magic.”  The fact is BUMA once again was the OG in the world of magic.  Fact is we still get request for the original Buma Board.  Now finally Buma has agreed to put out in very limited numbers his Buma Board Leather Pocket Impression Portfolio with Card in Wallet feature, along with a completely new and improved pen.

  • Features Buma’s hand stitched leather portfolio (Measures 5” x 6” closed).
  • Incorporates a clear interior ID window to hold your photo ID and numerous interior slots for all your Credit cards in addition to separate leather crafted areas for your cash and documents.
  • Incorporates a concealed 4” x 5 1/2” Buma Impression Board Gimmick that utilizes standard 4” x 6” Post-It notes for its writing paper.
  • Also includes Buma’s proprietary hand gaffed black ink marker also an exclusive Buma design.  This is a completely new design and what we feel is a substantial improvement over earlier pens.  This new pen, is designed specifically for this product.
  • Words, symbols written on the post it note with the supplied Buma marker are easily accessible to the performer for their reading.
  • The concealed Buma Impression Board is easily covertly accessed and its surface is fully visible for your reading,
  • The concealed Buma Impression Board is easily removable from the Leather portfolio allowing for its routined performance outside the supplied Buma Leather portfolio.
  • Resetting the Buma Impression Board for your next performance is a snap.

A BONUS FEATURE of the Buma Impression Board is that it incorporates a very cleverly designed card in wallet feature, allowing for a signed card to be produced from the wallets zippered compartment.

Buma quality, originality and ingenuity throughout !

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