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 “I love Buma – I don’t know how he consisently creates some of the most unique products – Joseph Gabriel

“This is so much fun, it’s addictive!  When I first saw this done it floored me as I had no idea how it was done.” – Paul Romhany

BUMA’S ORB™ – A complete sellout for BUMA at Blackpool 2020! Buma’s most talked about effect in years. Here it is! Imagine, a solid metal GOLD ORB is freely shown and placed upon a spectators open palm. With only the slightest flourish of the magi’s open hand the ORB is seen to vanish from the spectators open palm.

As if that is not enough, how about having a spectator drop the ORB into a borrowed clear glass filled with any clear drink. The filled glass with its ORB now at its bottom is then momentarily picked up by the performer and the liquid with its ORB at the bottom are swirled around for all to see. Immediately setting the glass back down the ORB is seen to have VANISHED from the bottom of the still liquid filled glass.

You can even routine the ORB to use a bag or similar borrowed object in place of a liquid filled glass for a similar vanish of the ORB from its visibly placed position. As a BONUS effect, the instantaneous visible vanish of a GOLD chain is included, featured by BUMA at his BLACKPOOL appearance. BUMA even includes his custom made props allowing for your performance to be performed sleeves rolled up or sleeves rolled down, wearing a suit or jacket or performing more casual, in short sleeves and similar attire.

What do you need to perform these effects?  Only your misdirection & BUMAS ORB!™

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2 reviews for Buma’s Orb – House of Magic

  1. masoodrohail1

    Just one word to describe it “WOW”

    I love Buma’s orb. very easy to perform and there are different routines. the props are well made

    Purchase one before it sells out

  2. Lorenzo (verified owner)

    An interesting prop, but one that will go on a shelf never to be used. The video does honestly show exactly what this is and how it works. But once I had it in my hands to experiment with I had to reluctantly conclude that it was not anything I would ever perform.

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