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Effect: The performer introduces a red Mylar bag from which a red flashlight is removed, the performer is seen to extend a visibly empty hand outward, fingers apart, the flashlight is now turned on, shining a red beam of light forward towards the fingertips of the performers empty hand which are seen to begin to slowly rub together when suddenly, visibly, a small RED RUBY appears between the performer’s finger tips.

The RED RUBY is now visibly placed in the center of the performer’s open palm, when once again the glow of the flashlights red beam is directed forward, only this time onto the RED RUBY itself, momentarily illuminating it in it’s red glow, when suddenly the red beam of the flashlights glow is seen to wonder off the surface of the RED RUBY and travels along the open palm to the hands extended finger tips, as if by command the hand itself with its contained small RED RUBY once again centers itself in the glow of the flashlights red beam when instantaneously, visibly the tiny RED RUBY is visibly seen to have transformed into a LARGE GIANT JUMBO RED RUBY.


  • Unlike any other Buma effect ever marketed!
  • Very visual in performance.
  • Can be performed for a single individual or in a parlor setting.
  • Perform seated or standing, no table required!
  • For right or left hand performance.
  • Totally Portable, can carry on your person!
  • Hand crafted one at a time by Buma in limited numbers.
  • BUMA originality & quality.
  • Complete with Buma’s step-by-step sequenced photo instructions.

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1 review for Buma’s Red Ruby – House of Magic

  1. JONATHAN TODD (verified owner)

    This is nutty good! Folks it is not what I thought. This includes a unique holXXut which you can use for tons of other effects. I’ve never seen one like this before. It is gravity operated and very useful for many things other than the ruby demonstrated. IF you are a serious performer or pro you might get many hundreds of dollars of value from this. I cannot stop playing with it . . . I hope this helps my brothers and sisters in the Craft make good choices. I love it. Jonathan Todd, CEO,

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