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Possibly the greatest value we have ever been able to offer our magic community! BUMA also includes his customized hand crafted GAFF! This gaff “alone” was the most in-demand utility at Magic Live 2015 – sold out the 2nd day! Nothing of this quality – has ever been offered to the Magic Community until now!

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Sample Effect: The performer borrows a clear drinking glass (or similar container) which is placed on a table top. He then introduces either an old button, a brass key or a plastic hexagonal toy nut. (all are included in this effect for your choice and selected presentation)

The spectator is then asked to suspend or hang, the button (for this presentation) from the glass, allowing it to dangle into the center of the clear glass. He does this by using a rubber band and a pencil (or similar borrowed objects), the performer and the spectator now position their hands several inches away from the glass, eliminating all physical connection with the glass, yet encircling it with the presence of their hands.


The spectator is then requested to focus on the button dangling inside the glass, when suddenly a distinctive clink, clink, clink is heard emanating from the glass, for the button is now seen to be twisting, turning and hitting the inside walls of the glass. This physical, audible manifestation is real and may be replicated for any of your audiences with either the old button, brass key or plastic hexagon toy nut, depending on your audience and desired presentation.

Questions may even be put to the dangling button (key & nut also) for a classic spirit bell presentation unlike any other!

Performance Benefits: Totally handcrafted, props that do not look like store-bought magic props because they’re not – rather, they have been carefully hand-crafted to look, feel and act like the every day items they resemble. You needn’t perform with a glass, or even to hang an item, routining and presentation is totally customizable by yourself.

  • You can perform with all three of the hand crafted props in a single routine or use them individually.
  • You may incorporate borrowed items from your audience into your performance.
  • Spectators may handle the props before, during, and after your performance.
  • Completely original in design and execution.
  • Fast and easy to perform, requires no slights or palming.
  • Under your complete control at all times, uses no threads or electronics, may be instantly repeated.
  • Can be routined for performance –  seated, standing or even without the use of a table.
  • No physical contact between the performer and the props, gaff is completely invisible to the audience.
  • Incorporates Buma’ proprietary encased Neodymium Magnet. All safety precautions should be taken when in the presence of such a powerful Neodymium Magnet. (WE WILL CONTACT YOU!)

Perform just about any time any where, sets up in a flash, perform close up and while surrounded, great for table hopping. A totally original concept involving no threads, loops, electronics or batteries. Hand crafted by BUMA in limited numbers, assuring BUMA quality and true uniqueness in your performances.

Complete with photo-illustrated step-by-step instructions.  Buma in the appreciation for Ken Brooke instructions, incorporates great detail and sequenced images. These instructions are also available in PDF format. Note: This item is “not” eligible for any coupon or special due to the already incredible price. 


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