Buma’s Ultra Cornucopia Card Box


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Always thinking “out of the box!”  That’s Buma! 

Turns ANY poker-size paper card box into a Cornucopia of instaneous magic production! Produce and pour an audience member a drink fron your card box at any time during your act, immediately follow it up with a silk production or a similiar-sized production from the same card box. Any order of production may come from the card box that you choose—silk or similar first—then followed by your liquid production or vice versa.

Productions may be staggered through out your act, single independent production with the card box being set aside for a later production or a second production—one right after the other. Totally self contained! Always ready to go! Just slip it into your empty poker-sized card box and load it up with a drink or your choice and a solid production item of your choice.

All is no bigger than the card box itself. Carry it around on your person all day primed for your performance. Separate load compartment of both the liquid production as well as for a silk or similiar-sized item to be produced.

Featured by Buma in his personal act, this is the first time it is being made available as a stand-alone purchase. Limited production, being handcrafted by Buma.

Note: Additional items seen in the demo video, pen, minature liquid flask, shot glass and silk-streamer do NOT come with with this device. Unit is sold as a stand-alone utility device, utilitarian by design – PERIOD.  Video demonstration shows a sample of possible ideas.  It’s an extremely versatile utility that with creativity could pay off in Spades.

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