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Trotter StampCertified by SME curator Bill Trotter. Original Collectors’ Workshop product manufactured during Rich Bloch and Nick Ruggerio’s Tenure at Collectors’ Workshop.  This item was later marketed by George Robinson who too over Collectors’ workshop.  But early piece from the original line have a distinct collectability advantage and as such, should be distinguished. In this case as (as with other CW items including in this organized offering) several of the CW items come with the original CW product box offered at that time featuring the early address. While knowledgeable magician’s can usually tell just by looking at the piece(s), having the original box provides significant certification, provenance and security. 

Effect: Possibly the closest thing to REAL magic you will find! A most unusual effect original with Collectors’ Workshop. Five antique bells are suspended on different lengths of cord from a clear Lucite tube. The performer holds the tube at arm’s length and asks a spectator to choose one of the bells. On command, the bell begins to swing. At first, ever so slightly, and then it picks up momentum until it is swinging wildly. The spectator is asked to make another choice, and upon doing so, the first bell returns to its previous state of quiescence while the second begins to swing.

Circa: 1993 – Excellent Condition with original instructions and original box, If you view the second photo, you will see the original box, that includes the original address of Collectors’s Workshop. 

Can be used to locate a selected card. Great for metaphysical and spirit routines, or just plain fun. One of the most unusual effects you’ll ever perform. Comes with complete routine plus some great ideas. This one really makes them scratch their heads, plus it’s entertaining!

  • Free choice
  • Everything may be examined before and after
  • No sleights, body loads, threads, magnets

Ad Copy provided with permission from Andy Martin – www.martinsmagic.com    

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