Burmese Bells


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A most unusual effect from an ancient Hindu scroll.

One of the strongest hidden gems in the world of magic and mentalism and performers such as Sidney Friedman (multi-award winning mentalist) wouldn’t have it any other way.  Burmese Bells is Sidney’s (and  a lot others) preferred effect for many occasions.   Read on for more.
Five antique bells are suspended on different lengths of cord from a clear Lucite tube. The performer holds the tube at arm’s length and asks a spectator to choose one of the bells. On command, the bell begins to swing. At first, ever so slightly, and then it picks up momentum until it is swinging wildly. The spectator is asked to make another choice, and upon doing so, the first bell returns to its previous state of quiescence while the second begins to swing.

  • No forces
  • No sleights
  • No threads
  • and guess what – everything can be immediately examined.

Can be used to locate a selected card. Great for metaphysical and spirit routines, or just plain fun. One of the most unusual effects you’ll ever perform. Comes with complete routine plus some great ideas. This one really makes them scratch their heads, plus it’s entertaining!

Considered by Sidney Friedman’s to be one of his number one effects from live television gigs because it always gets a powerful reaction, involves participation, and is very easy to transport.  It’s one of special product that packs small but plays BIG!  Depending on the routine or venue can you perform it with limited time or build a longer routine – the end result – WINNER! 

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