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A mysterious twist on a classic effect. A borrowed $100 bill is marked with a sigil of protection. It is put in one of 3 envelopes. The other envelopes hold slips of newspaper.

Three lighters are proven to operate and are randomly selected by 3 spectators. The envelopes are mixed by the spectators and handed, in order, to each spectator.

You claim the sigil will protect the money through the powers of nature. The first spectator ignites his lighter and burns his envelope. The second spectator does the same. The final spectator cannot light his lighter! The remaining envelope is unharmed! When the envelope is opened, it contains the borrowed money. Whew!

Finally, the sigil is erased from the $100 bill, and without the sigil to protect it the money starts burning. You quickly extinguish it and take your bows.

With a very few props, this is big theatre that packs a punch! Add real meaning to your performance:

  • It’s direct!
  • It’s fun!
  • The sigil protects the money, even when its location in unknown!
  • In this act the spectators NEVER fail; in fact, they succeed!
  • It’s fair!
  • It’s spectacular!
  • There’s a completely free choice of envelopes AND lighters.
  • Three spectators, money, suspense, and FIRE! That’s theatrical!
  • It’s safe!
  • It’s simple!
  • There is no chance of the lighter burning the money or even igniting.
  • This really “packs small and plays big!” You’ll be performing this piece right after reading the instructions.

What people are saying:

“This is a truly wonderful piece. I’m adding it to my show!” – Ted Lesley, International Mentalist

“At last some real meaning to the Banknight effect. None of the spectators fail in this marvelous demonstration.” – Kenton Knepper, Author of Wonder Words

“Here is the way to wager your paycheck without fear. Burn, Witch, Burn is extremely underpriced!” – Richard Webster, Author and performer

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