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You MUST add this product to your cart – it is NOT provided AUTOMATICALLY with any order $50 or more. Whether you perform this as shown in the video – straight up, or use it as a visual educational as to why you shouldn’t start smoking – either way – you will get a BIG reaction. 

Imagine pulling a cigarette from a ashtray and turning it into a hundred dollar bill in front of their eyes. Butt-Money is the perfect way to do this with no strange moves and in an instant the cigarette butt changes into a hundred dollar bill the dollar bill can be handed out and examined.  This is a fantastic Non-Smoking Themed effect which will leave a lasting impressing.  The routine could be theme against starting smoking but in the end you are actually burning MONEY.   Or it can be used to illustrate the costs to the environment of having to deal with discarded cigarette butts.

  • No thumb tip or strings involved
  • FIVE re-useable Gaffs included, each with a realistic cigarette and faux bill to give away, or use your own.  The gaffs come READY TO USE and should give you between 40-50 performances for each pack!   At about 30 Cents a miracle WHAT are you WAITING for?  Order now before this classic is out of stock, AGAIN!
  • Can be used as a powerful Anti-Smoking visual demonstration as to the cost of money not just financial but the environment and the cost to your health.

“Bar magic just got better.” – Jiro Magic 

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1 review for Butt Money – Travis D. Higgs – FREE with $50+ order

  1. JONATHAN TODD (verified owner)

    This is really a valuable trick. You can do it anywhere there is an ashtray or anywhere outside just by bending down and pretending to find the butt. The moves are easy. The props that come with the trick are great and last maybe 10 uses to 20 uses each! Once you get your first set you can buy more or you can make more with your own (or purchased) cigs. I’ve added a tiny mag inside the cig provided so ditching is right to the back pants pocket that has a mag or metal stored in it. Reactions are priceless and I think this is overlooked and is exquisite. great price and the video instructions are worth it alone for $15! Well worth buying! Jonathan Todd

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