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Really a good book test – when you want something simple and easy to do!  Something that you can pick up after years and immediately perform with confidence – this it it!

This rivals the mother of all book tests from Paul Richards from Elmwood Magic. A spectator is given a pair of dice and a dictionary containing thousands of words. A word will be chosen by choice and by chance. The chance consists of rolling the dice to get random numbers. The choice is how the spectator chooses to use the numbers (e.g., She rolls 2 & 1. She could put them together to make 3 or 12 or 21 or roll again and start over.) Whatever she chooses, she turns to that page and thinks of the first word on the page. The performer knows the work instantly. No difficult memory work. Always a different number.

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1 review for By Choice & By Chance

  1. Andy Martin

    Simple is normally the Best!

    As I wean myself from high priced electronic miracles, it becomes obvious that so many seemingly impossible effects are possible with very simple props, that don’t require eight batteries and two transmitters!

    Paul Richards has a real winner here for the casual or strolling performer, it is simple to do, easy to remember, and reset, and works every time. There is even a presentation that doesn’t require a table or the dice. All in the mind.

    Very nice!

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