C.H. Bandwriter – Listo (grease pencil)


Product Description

For a generation the Mentalist community has been without one of it’s classic tools, The Bandwriter. Scott Brown has entrusted one of Magic’s finest craftsmen, George Millward, with recreating a Connie Haden style Bandwriter. Each one is hand-cut and crafted out of brass by George himself. The C.H. Bandwriter is the easiest and most stable Swami Writer on the market. Just as important is the ease of which you can change the leads. This is a swami for the professional worker or hobbyist, designed to last a lifetime.

bandwriter mentalist

  • Fully customizable to the shape of every thumb or finger.
  • Chip resistant paint; all paint will wear on brass however we found a formula that should last years.
  • Easy to replace leads.

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