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High technology at your service. This is the world’s first digital magic calculator that has been designed to work on your cell phone, PDA, or computer. An add-a-number effect that will blow your spectators minds.

Hand out a sealed envelope prediction to someone on the audience. Open your cell phone calculator, and have two spectators think of any random numbers. To “fuse” their toughts, they add the numbers on the calculator to get a result. That result will match your sealed prediction.

Ask some members of your audience to enter random numbers on the calculator while your back is turned, you guess the final result digit by digit. Pure. Mindreading.
Pratical – No need to carry a physical calculator!
Can be used in any cell phone, PDA,or computer*
The spectators choosen numbers are free choices
No stooges
No sleights
High technology
Different results every time
You can repeat the effect immediately
Perfect for walkaround
It can be used as a regular calculator
The mobile calculator is fully examinable before and after the effect
You’ll always have it with you as long as you have your cell phone!

Comes complete with the necessary software and detailed instructions on a CD ROM.

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