Captured (Clark) (DVD)


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CAPTURED is the epitome of visual mental magic. In this day of digital photography where software can be used to alter images in an instant, CAPTURED uses classic technology to bring a person’s thoughts to life on film, right in front of their face. A familiar object enters play, a deck of cards. It can be any deck at all. A participant picks a card and retains it for the duration of the presentation, never showing it to the magician until the very end. The magician brings out a camera and takes a photograph of the participant, which they then hold on to. As the participant concentrates on the photograph, their thoughts slowly appear in the photo like the image of a ghost captured on unholy ground. This is an experience so raw and visceral that your participant begins to shake like a Polaroid picture. All they can do is stare in utter disbelief; their mouth wide open like the foundation of their reality has just been cracked by a 2-thousand pound wrecking ball. This is hard hitting magic. And best of all, your participant gets to take the experience home with them and remember it forever. Strong. Dynamic. In-Your-Face magic. CAPTURED. Running Time Approximately 57min

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