Card In Ring Box – Tommy Wonder (Van Dokkum) – Black Walnut raised top, Thick Oak Trim with Standard Walnut Base


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Refer to Product Photo that shows actual product being offered. Other images are previous editions. Black Walnut raised top, Thick Oak Trim with Standard Walnut Base  Note: Due to the natural variances with wood, your unit will vary somewhat possibly to the image provided, but it will contain the exact wood styles as noted.

IMPORTANT: Do not purchase this effect unless you already own the Tommy Wonder Books.  There are no instructions with this item, the detailed instructions are found in the Books of Wonder. 

Loosing Auke Van Dokkum was a blow for many.  Several years ago, Auke Van Dokkum asked us to provide him with a specific number of Tommy Wonder Card Boxes for a special project.  He asked us becaue his search for a craftsman capable of making this often demanded item featured in The Books Of Wonder, Volume 1,Page 141. to the attention to detail Auke demanded, wasn’t fulfilled.


Many whom Auke approached were exceptionally skilled craftsman and very well known in magic. Some quickly (and with good reason), respectfully declined due to their awareness of how difficult and time consuming crafting such a box would be. Others, gave it their best shot but unfortunately were not able to measure up to the exacting standards required by Auke Van Dokkum.


For good reason, Auke was the best person in magic to ensure the legacy of Tommy Wonder not only continued but maintain the quality standard that Tommy demanded and deserves. We were happy to work with Auke using the sketches he provided with our wood craftsman, and equally happy that Auke was pleased with the outcome.  The craftsman painstakingly replicated to the exacting standards this item piece by piece. Not only has this feat been accomplished but done so in beautiful exotic hardwoods in a limited edition.

Additional Due Diligence & Certification:

  • We had our Tech1 at Stevens Shawn Reida analyze the finished product using his millimeter gage and he concurred the box is made to the exacting standards as is featured in the book.
  • Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, and the number for the limited edition series sold by Stevens Magic

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