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Card Mirage – Ton Onosaka! Always Slays Them – And Always WILL! 

Finally back in stock! One of the greatest visual magic effects that ever hailed from Japan is available again.  Ton Onosaka is truly one of magic’s pioneer’s in the art and this effect is one that has always been in high demand. EFFECT: After a card is chosen the magician displays four see-through plastic cards. covered with small dots. Cards are shown on both sides, each to represent a suit. The spectator chooses one, which he is, told represent his chosen suit. On turning the card over a fully printed card face appears on the card, which matches selection. Just a magical as the image appeared; it now fades again leaving the magician with the four transparencies once again.

This is must have magic – trust us!

Note: Copyrighted images from Andy Martin, used with permission from

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