Card Suspension Victorian


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Entirely hand-made in our shop — solid walnut with antique pewter feet and polished chrome grill accents on front and back. The performer removes a deck of cards from a beautiful Victorian Card Houlette. The magician talks about the properties of static electricity that can be obtained to control cards with the use of this antique Card Houlette.

The cards are shuffled and a card is freely selected. A polished spike is placed into the center of the houlette from the front to back, and the cards are placed back into the houlette resting on the spike. At this point, the magician asks the spectator to name his card. The spike is now removed and the cards all fall back down into the houlette, but the spectator’s single card remains sticking up, suspended above the rest of the deck.

This can be repeated immediately with another card. In fact, it can be repeated with all 52 cards — absolutely no set up between performing.

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