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The next generation in coin magic is Chastain Criswell’s CARTEL COINS! Eliminate or incorporate all your old coin gaffs and discover some of the most visual coin magic ever performed! These revolutionary coins are a powerful innovation that takes this medium to a new level.

We at Stevens Magic are truly impressed with the quality of these custome crafted coins. They are amazingly strong… The video demo really doesn’t do this product justice – but we provide it as a visual aide.  We understand it’s a premium priced effect, but for what it’s worth – we really feel it’s worth every penny. Highly advised if you are lookign for powerful, professional coin effects (powerful in the routines but as stated earlier also “powerful” when it comes to the strength of the gimmick).

The CARTEL COINS by Chastain Criswell are precision crafted and designed to appear normal in all respects. You can show both sides of the coins before and after your routine! • Visual magic at your fingertips! • Beautiful magic. Effortless impact! • Look like a master in days not years! CARTEL COINS by Chastain Criswell isn’t a Sun & Moon set. In fact, it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before.

Here’s just a taste of what’s possible with these awesome new gaffs… SKY-EYE KAPS: A new twist on a Kaps’ move; a silver and a copper coin are shown in each hand. As the magician brings the coins to eye level, they change places! TWO FLY: Magician shows the copper and silver coins in one hand, but they jump to the other hand one at a time, right before the spectator’s eyes! WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN: The magician tosses the coins from one hand to the other, but the silver coin stays in one hand and the copper coin stays in the other no matter how many time the magician tosses the coins!

BONUS EFFECT! CARTEL COINS also contains Coin Explosion… produce six coins from two! An amazing routine made easy with Cartel Coins! With your purchase of CARTEL COINS by Chastain Criswell, you’ll receive the gaffed coins, a coin purse, and instructional DVD (runtime 23 minutes). Learn tips, tricks, and the history of the amazingly multi-purpose Cartel Coins!

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