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Condition: Good – Some minor discoloration on the cover and the book was stored not vertically but horizontally with other books on it, so the binding shows the burden of weight bearing.  The book is priced in accordance with condition.

Carter the Great: a detailed account of Charles Joseph Carter and his extraordinary life as a vagabond illusionist who for three decades circumnavigated … of magical impedimenta (Magical pro-files). Photos are of the actual book being offered.


11 Introduction (Jim Steinmeyer)
13 Publisher’s Note (Mike Caveney)
17 Foreword

19 Chapter 1 Early Years
The Boy Magician
Mlle. Corinne
National Theatrical Exchange
Law School
Magic and Magicians
Chicago Footlights

39 Chapter 2 1st World Tour 1907-1909
Mrs. Philip Henrici
Abigail Price
Allan Shaw
The Gone! Chair
Spirit Cabinet
Corinne Carter: The Psychic Marvel
The Far East
A Decapitation
Indian Adventures
Train Wreck

67 Chapter 3 2nd World Tour
The True Secrets of Mind Reading
Carter the Mysterious: A Mystical Play in Three Acts
The Great Lafayette
The Lion’s Bride
Success in Europe
The Titanic

103 Chapter 4 U.S. Tour 1912 – 1917
Pantages Circuit
Triple Trunk Mystery
A Lost Lion
Rave Reviews

111 Chapter 5 Martinka’s 1917-1919
Martinka’s Magical Palace
Alf Wilton
Carter Show: For Sale
Chung Ling Soo
On Broadway
Psycho Goes Home
Canadian Tour
Lawyers, Lawyers, Lawyers
Martinka’s and Houdini

125 Chapter 6 3rd World Tour 1920-1922
Legal Separation
Evelyn Maxwell
Escaped Lion
Expense Report
New Zealand
Backstage Battles
South Africa
Charles Carter: Movie Star
Goes Lithograph Company
Leo Carter
In Pursuit of St. George’s Hall
South America

153 Chapter 7 4th World Tour 1922-1923
Sawing a Lady in Half
Floyd Thayer
Illinois Lithograph Company
Sibling Advice
In Pursuit of Mr. Kellar’s Levitation
The White City Company
Touring Japan
A Show Held Hostage
Legal Quagmire
Liberation Day
Legal Victory
Touring China
Baggage List
Kellar’s Levitation Revisited
Apartment Owner
Working With Illlinois Litho

191 Chapter 8 5th World Tour 1924-1925
New Zealand
S.P.C.A. Problems
Stranded at Sea and a Missed Performance
Success In India
In the Prescence of Royalty
Illinois Bombshell
World Tour: Cancelled

211 Chapter 9 New Show, New Posters 1925-1926
P&L Magic
Shooting Through a Woman
Thayer Manufacturing Company
Cheating the Gallows
The Great Leon
The Great Jewel Heist
Mr. Tibbles
Stretching a Woman
Nicola and the Spike Mystery
Canary in the Light Bulb
Working with Otis Lithograph
Lost Posters

231 Color Plates

247 Chapter 10 6th World Tour 1927-1929
Leo the Loser
Engaging Assistants
Rules of the Road
The Vanishing Flappers
Willy Knight Disaster
Illusion Overboard
Ceylon, Burma, India
Personnel Problems
South Africa
Thurston and Fasola’s Devious Deeds
Dante: A Square Shooter
Further Pursuit of St. George’s Hall
Horace Goldin
On the War Path
A Friendship Sawn in Half
German Varieties
Personal Magnetism

275 Chapter 11 The Temple of Mystery 1930-1933
Suffering the Gout
Carter Manor
A Published Writer
A Nation Depressed
Sibling Suffering
Heart Attack
The Changing Face of American Show Business
The Million Dollar Mystery
Desperate to Obtain Kellar’s Levitation
Chicago’s Century of Progress
Temple of Mystery
Temple of Tragedy

303 Chapter 12 7th World Tour 1934 – 1936
The Illusions of Cyril Yettmah
Improved Iasia
The Shrinking Elephant
Final Pursuit of St. George’s Hall
New Zealand and Australia
The Vanishing Elephant
The Irascible Mr. Briggs
Singapore Jack
Malay Peninsula
Touring the Mysterious East
Return to South Africa
Dillinger’s Escape from Sing Sing
Inexhaustible Beer Keg
Midnight Bill Posting
Return to India
Heart Attack on a Train
Larry Carter is Carter the Great
The Passing of Charles Carter
Mysterious Rappings

341 Appendix 1 1936_1995
Return to Carter Manor
A Brick Tomb
Reborn at Earthquake McGoon’s
The End Again
Hard Times
The Light of Day
Restored to Respectability

349 Appendix 2 Timeline

364 Acknowledgments
365 Bibliography
366 Index

Publisher: Mike Caveney’s Magic Words
Pages: 375
Location: Pasadena, CA, USA
Dimensions: 9″x11″
Date: 1995
Binding: hardbound

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin –

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