Cascading Rice Orange Checkers – PROLine


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Stream lined, beautiful and contemporary!  That is is exactly what this unique piece is and SO MUCH MORE! The routine is, of course, the traditional one. But here are the specs and key points that make this model revolutionary.

  • The tubes and vase are modern in design and neutral in color to draw focus to the components.
  • The outfit is stage sized. The checkers are 3-1/2″ in diameter.
  • the checkers feature scratch resistant vinyl to enhance visibility and durability.
  • The checkers are hollow for lightweight to help facilitate the handling.
  • All the checkers are separate and therefore can be staggered in the stacking and lifted individually.
  • There are no tell tale holes in the tubes so this can be performed surrounded.
  • The vase features no moving parts for fool proof presentation.
  • The final reveal of rice is accomplished with a unique ‘waterfall finale’ that produces the dramatic ‘kick’ missing in all other models.

Please Note: Fabrication time can vary based on inventory.  

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