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This is an estate item.  This does come with all the items for the effect.  This effect has all of its pieces but has been used and it is in a used condition.

Effect: One of the greatest mind control mental effects of all time! A limited edition that will never be repeated. Whether you’re a magician or mentalist, casino light generates applause like you’ve never heard before! Money back guarantee! Limited quantity. Hurry!

WHAT THE AUDIENCE SEES: The performer places a sealed envelope on display, containing a letter confirming three actions which the performer will endeavor to control using the power of his mind. The first volunteer freely selects one of several souvenir Las Vegas poker chips, poured into his hands from a small leather coin purse. After reading aloud the names of the different casinos engraved on the chips, the volunteer freely mixes them behind his back and returns one of the chips to the empty purse. The coin purse is then placed between the palms of the volunteers hands.

A second volunteer examines and shuffles a pack of playing cards. He then deals two face down Blackjack hands on the performer’s palms. The volunteer freely selects either hand for himself and secures it between the palms of his hands. The performer then displays a fanned packet of $1000 stage bills. A third volunteer is asked to freely cut off a portion of the packet while the performer looks away. The bills are secured between the palms of the volunteer’s hands. The sealed envelope is opened and the confirmation letter inside is read aloud and verified by each of the three volunteers. The letter states that the performer will cause the first volunteer to select a poker chip from the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino. The chip held by the first volunteer bears the name of the Golden Nugget. The letter states that the performer will cause the second volunteer to deal one hand of Blackjack with a total value of “20.” The volunteer checks the two cards which he dealt himself and they do, in fact, total “20.” Finally, the letter states that the performer will mentally cause the final volunteer to cut off $17,000 worth of bills. The volunteer counts aloud the bills he is holding and sure enough, there is exactly $17,000.

The quality of the materials is superb. The $1000 bills are similar in size to the real thing, beautifully printed and individually laminated to ensure an accurate count. The cards are ordinary Bicycle playing cards and the spectator can examine and shuffle them. The coin purse is elegantly fashioned from soft leather, lined in silk and can be used to accomplish many other effects. Instructions are included. The striking red poker chips are gold stamped and can be handled by the volunteer. And everything comes from the performer’s pockets. No table or extraneous props as required in the original version. Casino Light packs flat, plays super big and is a reputation builder of the highest professional caliber. Easy to do. No sleight of hand. Only practiced handling and presentation. Casino Light is without a doubt one of the finest mental effects ever conceived. Best of all, the effect can be repeated over and over again with a different result each time.

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