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If you like the street con type of effects you’ll love this effect. This is the first release that Meir released c. 2019 and includes the wooden base and the DVD. It is easy to perform and you’ll have lots of fun with this bad boy!

Effect: Gene Maze’s fantastic chain routine combines the Fast & Loose or Endless Chain routines with the classic Three Card Monte and Three Shell Game scams. When the routine was originally published many top pros built their own sets and put it into their shows.

The basic routine starts out with a stand holding three pegs or posts. A chain is then wrapped around all the pegs as you explain that when the chain is pulled one peg will always catch while the other two will not. If they pick the peg that catches, they win.

No matter how hard they try they can’t find it. Even though you keep making it easier and giving them tips, they always fail.

Of course, the secret lies in the fact that you have total control of whether the spectator wins or loses so you can present the routine anyway you like.

Comes complete with everything you need to perform the routine. The base, the pegs and the chain. The video tutorial includes Meir Yedid performing and teaching his routine, Harry Lorayne performing and teaching Gene’s routine and a very early and rare video of Gene Maze performing his original routine before it was ever published.

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1 review for Catch Me and Win by Gene Maze

  1. Edwin C

    Learning On the Barrel Head just doesn’t get any easier. I’ve been entertaining people with Fast & Loose as part of my street-magic con games for 20 years, so I bought this to see if it had anything to teach me. I am thoroughly satisfied with it. This ancient con as taught by Gene Maze, Harry Lorayne and Meir Yedid adds a whole new (vertical) dimension to my game. The props are first rate. The instructions are clear and super-easy to follow. FOUR easy-to-master new moves just in Gene’s lead-in segment will create hundreds of new opportunities for hilarious play with my street audiences. The rest is creative gravy. Thank you, Joe and Mark Stevens, for offering CATCH ME & WIN to your customers. I’m delighted to be one of the first to purchase this package from you.

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