CbRing Thumb Writer De Luxe Set


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The Cbring thumb writer is a hand crafted quality item. It is made out of steel that not only guarantees a long life of the writer, but it also makes the writer magnetic. Together with the included magnetic clip, this feature make it easy to wear and to conceal. The lead has a forward pointing angle which make it possible to write longer words and names. This design allows writing with both the thumb extended (as with a thumb tip writer) or in an angle (as with a Swami). The bands on the writer are adjustable and together with the curved shaped writer you will get a 100% secured writer on your thumb – perfect for accurate writing.

The writer has a 2mm pencil lead and included are both a piece of red and a piece of black pencil lead. The led is well fixed in the writer and it is also very easy to renew the lead when needed. The writer is also available as a listo style writer, equipped with a 5mm Sharpie listo lead.

In the deluxe set you will get everything, including my new clip board that has a magnetic hold out for the gimmick. The clip on top of the pad and an extra flap on its back make the board perfect for writing longer names. The board will be totally secured in the hand and leaving the thumb free for writing.

The Deluxe set:

1 pencil lead thumb writer
1 listo lead 5mm (grease marker) thumb writer
1 magnetic clip
1 neodymium magnet
1 red and one black extra pencil lead
1 red and one black extra listo lead
1 gimmicked clipboard
1 Walk around box

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