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Special Thanks To Cesaral for providing Stevens Magic Emporium with the exclusive on this fantastic new miracle! 

If ever there was a portable version of Copenetro – this is IT!  

The future of electronic coin droppers has arrived – from Cesaral! Electronic Coin Droppers have been around, but it is only in the past 2-3 years significant advancements have been made with component parts such that they truly are next generation in technology. Stevens Magic is no stranger to these products as we sold the Marc Antoine Coin Dropper in the US exclusively a few years back and couldn’t keep them in stock.

Fast Forward to TODAY! Cesaral has created the most advanced model the likes of which sets new precedent from all those before it. The possibilities are endless and are truly limited to the imagination of the performer. In its simplest form this state-of-the-art unit allows the magician to vanish up three different coins, and miraculously as they vanish one-at-a-time, they appear magically in a previously empty glass (or other destination you desire). This can happen one-at-a-time, either in real time or with a delay and if desired THREE different coins can be used.

A good communicator breaks things down such they are quickly understood and mentally digestible.  In that attempt we will provide the details in the most streamlined way of the effect – but if ever there was the ingredient of synergy it would be with this unique item.

Effect: The magician vanishes three different coins, as they are named, and they appear inside a glass that has been covered by a deck of cards.

Product Specs:

  • While initially designed for both American and European Coins – it CAN be used for many other countries coin currency.
  • The thickness of the gimmick is ONLY 4mm or 0.16″ – Think About That!  Q can’t even give James Bond this technology!
  • Features semi-automatic trigger – so you can control each coin! Having them drop one-at-a-time in quick sequence or utilize a range of different time-delayed sequences so that the coins will fall “exactly” when and “where” you want it to fall!
  • Can use up to three coins
  • The American version works with: 1 half dollar coin, 1 quarter and 1 dime. You could also use 2 quarters and one dime. Only one half dollar can be used along with the other two coins.
  • The European version works with any combination of European coins. You can also use in this one any combination of quarters and dimes. For example you could use 3 quarters.


  • The range is OVER 100 meters (328 feet) and incorporates an exceptionally safe and incredibly reliable new generate remote control.
  • New Generation in the sense that it actually initiates the trigger either in REAL TIME, or if desired you can program it for a DELAYED Action (As You Wish!).
  • Any brand of cards can be used.
  • Noiseless – for individuals familiar with previous coin droppers you know this TRULY is remarkable – trust us! We have NEVER had a noiseless coin-dropper before.
  • Could easily be stored in something else other than a card case if so desired.
  • Comes with rechargeable battery and battery checker.
  • Comes with on-line instructions, you will be provided a link and a password to view the explanation.
  • Manufactured by a name that has been in the art of magic for many years with a reputation for quality and performance – Cesaral.

Important Notes:  This item is NOT eligible for any Coupon or Discounts. Production has started on this item but please understand it can take 2-3 weeks for fabrication based on demand.  ADDITIONAL SHIPPING REQUIRED! This item MUST be shipped by Fed Ex or DHL from Europe due to lithium batteries and as such the total shipping cost is $48.00.  Reserve your unit quickly. 

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