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Stevens Magic is very proud and excited to continue our association with master craftsman Gimpy, and offer this latest incredible piece of apparatus exclusively.  This is an absolutely beautiful piece of magic you will treasure.

Based on Maury Kains’ Ultissimo, crafted by Merv Taylor and later by Owen Magic Supreme, Celestial Clairvoyancy uses the idea of a spinning star instead of a lucite stand. First published in 1971 in a Juan Tamariz book, the actual creator was not credited for this improvement. This ides was used with six cards in Time Ahead by Marcelo Contento in the 90’s. Celestial Clairvoyancy uses four cards affixed to a spinning star for a 2-card prediction. This effect uses no blank cards and there is no writing on the cards.

Imagine this… A red card deck and a blue card deck are shown. The performer asks a volunteer to think of any black card and any red card. The performer then makes his predictions by affixing two blue-backed cards to the star with the backs facing the audience. Now, the volunteer names the two cards that were thought of, and they are removed from a red-backed deck and affixed to the star with the faces facing the audience. The star is spun and turned to reveal that the blue-backed cards match the volunteer’s selections.

The unit consists of a spinning head with two overlapping stars made of walnut and maple that form an 8-point starburst with clips for four cards. The wooden base is 6 x 8 inches. When fully assembled, the unit stands 16 inches tall. Everything packs flat and sets up in seconds. No sleights needed. Very easy to perform.

Comes complete with:

  • Handcrafted Star With Brass Upright & Wooden Base
  • Special Gimmicks (to make the magic happen)!
  • Customer White Cardboard Storage Case
  • Fully-Written Printed Instructions & Online Instructions.
  • Each is stamped with maker’s (Gimpy’s) mark on the bottom.

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