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Truly one of the most remarkable presentations in the world of mentalism. You may perform 10 different effects, but chances are “this” is the one they will remember for many years.

This new magic weapon will allow you to perform some incredible effects such as:

Effect 1) The magician shows a box with several objects inside (a piece of wood, a lighter, a nut, a notepad, a pencil, and so on). He asks an audience member to take out one of the objects and to keep it inside a bag so that nobody can see what object was taken apart. Immediately the magician is able to name the object. Other audience members can take other objects and the magician will know immediately what object has been taken.

Effect 2) The magician shows a box with many bolts inside. Some audience members are asked to take apart some of them. Immediately the magician is able to tell the number of bolts removed by each person. You can do the same effect with poker chips, coins, or other small objects.

Some other great effects are available but to protect the product this information will only be delivered to those magicians that ask for more details about the product.

Important points:

• It is a great tool that can be shown or hidden according to the nature of the effect performed.

• The size of the gimmick is 175mm x 215mm (7 by 8.6 inches). The thickness is 24mm (almost one inch).

• This product includes a special data receiver that is compatible with other products from Cesaral Magic, such as Cesaral ESP Calculator,Cesaral Open Perceptions, Cesaral ESP Perceptions, Cesaral Color Predictions, Cesaral Ultimate Calculator, etc.

• Great for stage and close up magic.

• Really easy to learn and use.

Important Side Note: Cesar has done a remarkable job not only in making this powerful tool available, but as stated above, making it so it is “easy to use and learn.” That is a major accomplishment that I had to footnote.  Price does not include shipping.



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