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For the person who is a real worker – this is like having a million dollar insurance policy.  I remember when David Sandy had a show in Wichita, and he was explaining to us the way he prepares for his shows – it was paramount to a strategic approach used in the military.  But I realized he was right – if you really want to be your best you have to have command over your venue.  This is a tool that will allow you to do just that – Mark Stevens. This IS NOT a magic trick….Is this tool for you? • Yes, if you are a professional magician. • Yes, if you have ever had problems with remote radio controlled tricks. • Yes, if you have radio controlled devices and want to be sure that you can use them safely and without radio interference failures. • Yes, if you need a tool to test your radio frequency transmitters.  IMPORTANT POINTS: ·         Practical tool able to detect general radio interferences from frequency inhibitors, which are being widely used. ·         It is able to detect individual interferences in the mostly used radio frequency channels: 315MHx, 418MHz ad 433MHz..mostly used frequencies for radio controlled devices. ·         9 LED lights gives much information about the monitored radio channels, and their availability. ·          Comes in a nice wooden box in which you can keep other things. You don’t leave certain things to chance and your performance reputation shouldn’t be one of them.

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