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This is truly the Futurist Thumper Device–PLUS much more… The sum total of many years of research in computers, engineering, design and communications has resulted in a product so powerful with multiple benefits for the working performer. One great feature – this unique thumper provides three different IMPULSES for communication. This greatly reduces false readings because each one has it’s own “unique” impulse and can be sent in “ONE” command. (Unlike previous vibration thumpers, which required sequential queuing as in 1-2-3).

We have had this product tested by two well-known performers in mentalism who both approve. While the improved thumper alone, is worth the price, this amazing prop can accomplish SO many different magic and mental effects, including but not limited to: • Ask an audience member to write a number on a piece of paper. Later, the mentalist is able to reveal the information! • You can concentrate on a picture frame, and suddenly make it move! Perfect for séances, or psychokinetic effects or card-through-window.

You can also concentrate on a glass of wine, and it also moves a few centimeters! All this power is completely under your control. • Think of any effect in which you the magician/mentalist needs to control, and do so in an “invisible way” and without assistants, and with precision! With this unit, you can connect and operate three vibration devices (which are included), four relays (to control lights or other devices) and four servos (one servo is included in this kit).

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