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We all love simple effects that play extremely strongly. The method and possibilities of “Cesaral Magic Pendulum” accomplishes exactly that.

Using a borrowed object for a magic effect is always a plus…and here you use an audience member’s watch. A watch is always something very personal and as a result the impact of the effect is increased dramatically.

Many effects can be accomplished with this new concept. Here are a few of them:

Basic effect 1 – Magic Pendulum:

An audience member picks a card which is then lost in the deck, and the deck is shuffled. The magician spreads the cards on the table and asks to borrow a watch with a second hand from an audience member. He ties it to the end of a string, and holds it to make a kind of a pendulum. He looks for the card using this home-made pendulum and the second hand stops when it is above the selected card. When the pendulum is moved away, the second hand starts up again.

Basic effect 2 – Watch stop:The magician asks for a watch with a second hand. To isolate the watch he ties it to a string, and holds the other end. He concentrates on the watch and the second hand stops ticking. Whenever he wants, the second hand starts moving again. He could even say that when an audience is having fun the time goes slower and even stops for a few seconds as he will show them…

Basic effect 3 – Hour-Date prediction:

The magician selects an audience member who wants to know the date (or time) when a special event will occur. He borrows the spectator’s watch. This audience member could be a pregnant woman, for example, who wants to know the hour of the day or the date on which she will have her baby. To isolate the watch he ties it to a string, and holds the other end. The audience member says aloud the date or hour when they think the special event will take place. Suddenly, the watch’s second hand stops at that specific number or time. A few seconds later it goes on as normal.

Important points:

• The magician is not close to the borrowed watch during the effect. Just holds the string…

• The method used is incredible and totally deceptive. Can be performed surrounded.

• The reset takes less than 4 seconds, and thus is great for walk-around magic.

• It is very easy to do, allowing you to concentrate on the presentation!

• The watch and string can be fully examined at the end.

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